Friday, December 17, 2010

Dear winter!

Composed by: Azm

The chill that runs down my spine
Oh! Winter you’re so not mine.
There the tiny powerless sun I see
And the long darkness waiting for me
Makes me sad; in vain goes my sanity
Feels like a curse for humanity
You’d be admired in a case for sure
If we were penguins we’d absolutely adore

I sit by the window and worse I see
The whole world pictured right before me
The high ones lay in their cozy rooms
But the homeless can lit no fuel
Pity on them; have mercy I say
End your stay and go away
How we long for you to go back
And then the awesome spring to crack!

Copyright ©2010 Azm


  1. Well, not as interesting as the dancing poem but still good enough. Looked like you were writing a rhyme but rooms doesn't rhyme with fuel.

  2. If you're writing a poetry it isnt necessary to rhyme, it only needs to make sense so that the people reading it understand, using rhymes inappropriately is a big turn off.
    btw thanx for the feedback =)

  3. Absolutely. It isn't necessary to rhyme. There are various kinds of poems. But if all the other lines rhyme and only one doesn't then there's something missing.

  4. Oh! Winter you’re so not mine. (Y)

  5. cool



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