Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Narcotic Awesomeness

Composed by: Azm

Oh! Almighty those days I now reveal,
lighting the green; wound it healed;
I booked my flight to another place,
heaven before me that I faced;
I needled my nerves, powdered my nose,
did all those wacky stuffs I once adored;
The pleasure that arose; about no one I thought,
enjoyed the wrong way; with all I fought.

…And now I live the life of dead,
no one cares; the tears I shed;
I wish I’d followed all along,
doping wasn't only bad but wrong;
Now the innocent faces lay before,
treat me like a narcotic whore;
Today it’s hard to pay my debts,
I beg for love that no one lets.


Just message to all the kids,
don’t do drugs; you get torn to bits;
Stay clean, stay far from it,
spread peace & preach where the heaven meets.]]

((P.S. I've never done drugs but got the idea of writing about the experience from a friend who's recently been sent to a rehab for his addiction...))

Copyright © 2011 Azm

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