Friday, March 10, 2017


Having past ten decades,
spreading pleasant smiles,
sweeping away sadness,
she leans on the aisle.

Lost in her deep thoughts,
remembering the falls and rise,
she stays quiet and aloof,
hiding her cries.

With eyes full of stories,
her unanswered whys,
she hides in her hunched back,
her hard work and sacrifice.

And soul as hard as rock,
biding hundred goodbyes,
she's a polished diamond,
and a hero in my eyes!!

Copyright © 2017 Azm

Monday, May 9, 2016


Keeping warm, with all skills;
Slowly breathing, through the chills;
Spooky frosts, bringing thrills;
Empty bottle, potion spills;
Lengthy winter, phony frills;
Bounded by all wonts and wills;
Getting cozier, discovering trills;
The sun shines, dances uphills;
…and the cuckoo sings,
HELLO Spring!
Welcome aboard!
Summer it brings!!

Copyright © 2016 Azm

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My new garden

-Composed by AZM

Weaving dreams,
with you besides,
building castles,
painting skies,
planting magical seeds,
blooming smiles,
happy home,
stronger ties.

Copyright © 2015 Azm

Sunday, November 10, 2013


The Yellow petals look above,
smile at the sun they see,
whisper to one another,
dance in gentle breeze,
living their lives with heads held high,
as high as they could be.

They're always there to teach a good lesson
Bloom in happiness,
dance with joy,
follow the sun,
follow your dreams...

The flower that has been of great inspirations :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trendy Threads: PINK

the color of LOVE.
PINK is the new ANTHEM,
it can change the world.
PINK is staying strong,
when things go wrong.
Because PINK is Perfect!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Because I Love You…


My clothes are wrong,
my clumsy walk,
beasty paws,
I'm just a bore.
and I ain't smart,
nor funny enough,
to make you laugh,
see sunshine on your face,
that I set dark.

I'm just an ugly sin,
to get rid of.
I ease your part,
and save your day,
I'll fly with broken wings,
I wouldn’t stay.
I don’t belong here,
I went the heights or wrong,
couldn't rescue myself,
unworthy deeds I've done,
I can't be strong,
trying hard did no good,
my best could never be good enough.

But I'm sorry,
I really am,
for the sins,
for all the lies,
for keeping you waiting,
for all your cries,
for the wrongs I heard,
for the ill I did,
for my misbehavior
my unworthy agony.

Sorry, I could never be good enough.

(to whom it may concern)

Copyright © 2013 Azm

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Praising Grace


Flipping hair,
eyes that glow;
velvet shines,
majestic flow;

Crimson silk,
slit low;
supreme elegancy,
in every blow;

Diamond studs,
shine more;
crystals dazzle,
like flakes of snow;

Early spring,
knocks the door;
the diva blooms,
beauty grows!

Copyright © 2013 Azm

Tuesday, June 11, 2013



Amidst the self-made paradise,
a superficial resemblance of life,
stood with hand full of memories,
created from dreams.

Choked the distance between the two,
afar from reality creating anew.
Provoked by the thirst to be quenched,
twirling in naive indulgence.

Wrapping the soul with courage,
healing wounds; dying with age,
deepened by lies, now set on fire,
burning miseries, the unworthy desires!

Copyright © 2013 Azm

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Shades of LOVE


into the gigantic ocean
of purity and faith,
and swimming,
along corals and pearls
unconsciously dispersed.

a new life
with shades of love,
and cradling,
the red ticker
with toddling hope.

the sunshine
enchanted with affection,
and embedding,
soul in every clasp,
awaiting miraculous sparks!

Copyright © 2013 Azm

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

just confused....

While embroidering a piece of red satin, with a golden thread,
a unique bottle of aromatic, dazzling liquid spilled all over it...
I'm not sure whether that would leave stains or make the fabric shine ????!!!???!!???!!!

(P.S. these are metaphors...I know how to get rid of stains on a real satin) =P
Copyright © 2013 Azm