Saturday, July 11, 2009

Where is the love??

I went to a doc and had some test
except love, he measured the rest
I asked him if love was found
he smiled and said it means more than it sounds.

On my way I passed by a store
And asked the owner what I was looking for
He too didnt have what I wanted
So i quietly turned around and left

As I stepped in my home
Asked what was on my mind to my mom
she instead told me its not time to fool around
and left me wondering where love is found

The only option left was god for me,
So I prayed to him as i wanted to see
I wanted to know about what I was looking for
It was he who'd clear my doubts for sure
Then he stood in front of me with a smile
Looked at me and found out I wasn't fine
He asked haven't you found out where it is yet?
my silence continued with his speech"dear its your heart where you get"
I excalaimed again that I couldn't see
"Its only felt dear" he laughed at me

composed by: Azm

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