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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Composed by: Azm

The unearthed strings,
attached to your heart,
frequently brings painful stings,
as you plug into another deceiver,
slowly by slowly,
it kills your trust,
awakens you,
with a thunderstruck soul,
and another good lesson learnt.

Never trust intuitions;
they go in vain,
don’t look down on shadows,
leave behind in pain,
on the darkest night,
in the disastrous rain.

Gravity doesn’t work either,
you fall down in misery,
with an ache so mere,
aloof and disordered,
none to hear you scream.
Then, an angel appears,
wakes you from dream;
the reality sets it gear,
lets you stand on your feet,
and you imprison your heart,
welcoming a new deafeat!

Copyright © 2012 Azm

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