Saturday, January 30, 2010

Out of words...

Composed by: Azm


Trying to gather the words

they seem to be falling apart

hoping it wont get worse

I get back to the start

yet to inspire me they tell

though my stupid writings dont go well

I write some lines and then erase

get lost in my word maze

again i sit and think think think

some words to srtike my mind that'd link

the same words repeat

the paper is ready to greet

I sit dumbfounded in front of the sheet

aware of nothing but the heartbeat

the door opens; distracts me

he comes over not a word can he see

confused; he stares at what I write

the blank page before me empty and white

holds my chin with a smile in his face

"i know you can do it, you'll win the race"

and then he leaves; shuts the door

whatever I write he'll always adore

he praises though I write real bad

I feel glad he's beside; I love my dad!

©2010 Azm

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dream on...

Composed by: Azm


Somewhat like a fairy tale,

I dream on, and wish it won’t fail

Success is what I look upon

It feels awesome, just Dream on!

I wanna rise and shine

Like a true star, so fine

I don’t limit my dream just till the sky

I dream on! I wanna reach high

People around don’t bother much

They say only in fairy tales are such

I nod my head; I know it’ll come true

A day will come when all will be blue

The dream is that keeps me alive

The wonderful imagination, the wonderful life

They think I’m crazy, but I don’t turn

I live my life and just DREAM ON…
©2010 Azm

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walking down the techy lanes!

©2010 Azm

I love walking during the evenings when the lights are on and the busy streets are busier than ever with the noisiest environment and traffic jams. I’d have been bored to death if I were in one of those stuck vehicles. But I feel so free walking along the same road looking at the people who look angry and frustrated, thanking I’m not one of them. Then, with my earplugs on playing the most awesome songs in my iPod I move on my way. As I walk pass other pedestrians I realize that they’re moving the wrong way. However, later, I start humming some songs and forget it. But I found that a fact not to be neglected and wanted to blog.

Well once I’d been taught during one of our “Traffic weeks” that we should be walking on the right side of the road. But we were taught to walk from the left hand side of the road during our school. Since then I realized that our course books were wrong. Well, not exactly wrong, but wrong in the case of our traffic rules, because we follow the British textbooks and in United Kingdom they have right hand driving system which is totally opposite of ours. So this led to confusion in everyone. I try to explain it to all my friends and family but only few seem to understand what I mean. It could save one from an accident. As we, here in “Nepal” follow left hand driving so it’s obvious that we should be walking from the opposite side that is from our right hand side. Our lanes being small, people need to obey these rules in order to avoid accidents to some extent. At least you tend to see what is coming before you and you can prevent yourself being hit by those speedy rowdy vehicles.

That is what I learnt and I try letting everyone around me know that fact. Hope people take it into consideration. Because I now that I am right, this small fact should be considered. You can see those roughly driven public transports along the road they seem to be aiming to run into other vehicles and killing people, carrying more than enough passengers. I felt it should not be neglected cause I hardly see anyone obeying traffic rules (mostly the pedestrians), they don’t use zebra crossing, neither do they use the overhead bridges, nor walk from the right side of the road. Moreover, this could lead to accidents if there are no footpaths along the road (though exceptions are there like the”Ratnapark kanda”). What I meant is that to lessen accidents to some extent the pedestrians should obey the rules too but not only blame the vehicles riders/drivers.

Written by: Azm

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My thoughts...My words...

Well, a year has gone by bringing more irresistible changes. I can feel the difference around. People seem to be blindly imitating others. Their own customs and traditions bore them. Come on! That isn't what we should be doing. I don’t understand why people don’t get how precious our culture is. They are our identity, our pride.

As I look before me I find our ancestral customs fading day by day. We ourselves don’t seem to be interested in either our culture or the festivals we celebrate. Last week on Christmas I got some texts from my friends and relatives wishing me a merry Christmas. At first I was glad to receive those text messages but, later realized that they hadn’t wished me a happy Dashain or happy Dipawali, those festivals that are supposed to be the major festivals for us “Hindus”. Moreover, all of my friends are Hindus, and as far as I know, no one celebrates Christmas. Honestly, I didn’t like that so I didn’t reply to any of their messages. I’m not a racist and I'm not trying to tell my fellowmen to follow only Hinduism. I do respect all religions, all cultures and their traditions. But what I’m trying to explain is that, if people do believe in all religions why don’t they wish a happy “Id” or a happy “Dashain” or a happy “Dipawali” or a happy “Lhosar” or any other major festivals celebrated worldwide. Why only “CHIRSTMAS”?? Is it so important to all of us that we forget our own? Why all of us are being attracted to the western culture? Well...It is good to respect other cultures, we should even get together and celebrate other festivals but it’s not that we have to give up what we inherited.

If this trend goes on, then in no time we'll be the nobodies who've lost identities of their own. I never meant celebrating Christmas is bad. It’s good, actually it’s great. However, I mean is, love your culture, follow your traditions, and respect other festivals that you don’t celebrate as well. Don’t just neglect Id because you’re not an Islam, don’t neglect Christmas if you’re not a Christian, and other religious festivals as well. If you respect Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwor, do respect Christ, Allah, Buddha and other gods as well. It’s not that one is supposed to go for only their religion; we have the rights to celebrate each and every festival but following some culture blindly forgetting our own isn’t good. Be proud of what you are! =)

Written by: Azm
©2009 Azm

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