Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Being "ME"!!

©2010 Azm
Composed by: Azm

They call it being selfish, I agree
It’s all about myself; yes I do love me
I have been in love as you can see
Oh! Please don’t think hard it’s just me!
Everything of me cheers me every time
Reflection of mine or a broken rhyme
Thankful enough to what I am now
Yet to reach the top for a better show
People called me deaf; I did hear
Knew that I was right so I just didn’t care
The world came forward wanting me to change
I loved myself a bit too much they found it strange
But I know about them as well; they feel the same
May be I am the only one to stand up for the game
I love my life not a second to regret
They pretend to be against; don’t get it yet
I can’t be someone they want to be
I guess I’m loud enough; I’m proud to be me

You're a woman you cannot question!

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