Sunday, July 28, 2013

Because I Love You…


My clothes are wrong,
my clumsy walk,
beasty paws,
I'm just a bore.
and I ain't smart,
nor funny enough,
to make you laugh,
see sunshine on your face,
that I set dark.

I'm just an ugly sin,
to get rid of.
I ease your part,
and save your day,
I'll fly with broken wings,
I wouldn’t stay.
I don’t belong here,
I went the heights or wrong,
couldn't rescue myself,
unworthy deeds I've done,
I can't be strong,
trying hard did no good,
my best could never be good enough.

But I'm sorry,
I really am,
for the sins,
for all the lies,
for keeping you waiting,
for all your cries,
for the wrongs I heard,
for the ill I did,
for my misbehavior
my unworthy agony.

Sorry, I could never be good enough.

(to whom it may concern)

Copyright © 2013 Azm

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Praising Grace


Flipping hair,
eyes that glow;
velvet shines,
majestic flow;

Crimson silk,
slit low;
supreme elegancy,
in every blow;

Diamond studs,
shine more;
crystals dazzle,
like flakes of snow;

Early spring,
knocks the door;
the diva blooms,
beauty grows!

Copyright © 2013 Azm

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