Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Laughing Out Loud!!


People explained what not about the "Love thing"
and I thought it made sense.
Love is weird,
Love is funny!
You even feel the butterflies,
dancing in your tummy.
Love makes you crazy,
it makes you silly,
it's ticklish,

It's like going on a caffeine diet.
You lose your hunger,
you lose your sleep,
you dream with eyes wide open,
your heart skips a beat.

And the pounding gets louder,
louder than the neighborhood kid,
playing the metallic drums,
increasing his speed.

You get lost in your colorful dreams,
forget the recipe for your dish,
make loads of excuses,
a bit of that, and a bit of this.

And every now and then,
you're humming a love song,
and when you get caught,
you just Laugh along.

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Simply Magic


The time stood still,
the world disappeared,
the sun smiled down,
the long lost smile got claimed.

And the warm rays,
that touched the heart ,
the souls danced with joy.
The birds sang melodies,
flying in circles,
and painted the sky.

Happiness finally knocked the door,
spreading heavenly fragrance,
embraced with a warm angelic touch,
showered with divine grace.

Felt like seizing the moment forever.
If that's the essence of being alive…
…I just got born!!

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Friday, August 10, 2012


Composed by: Azm

Walking at the speed of memories
gathering the crescendo cries,
numbness on the eye lids,
call for silent suicide.

Abandoning from the bitterly
with a pinch of grey,
pearls of wisdom wrenched,
howling at their dismay.

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Composed by: Azm

The unearthed strings,
attached to your heart,
frequently brings painful stings,
as you plug into another deceiver,
slowly by slowly,
it kills your trust,
awakens you,
with a thunderstruck soul,
and another good lesson learnt.

Never trust intuitions;
they go in vain,
don’t look down on shadows,
leave behind in pain,
on the darkest night,
in the disastrous rain.

Gravity doesn’t work either,
you fall down in misery,
with an ache so mere,
aloof and disordered,
none to hear you scream.
Then, an angel appears,
wakes you from dream;
the reality sets it gear,
lets you stand on your feet,
and you imprison your heart,
welcoming a new deafeat!

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Composed by: Azm

The empty town,
its just me,
accompanied by silence.
And drop by drop,
she pours down on me,
shower my thoughts,
awaken my soul.

And the colors speak,
the words of love,
the rainbow smiles,
smiles down on me,
showing the beauty,
of horizon that never ends,
creating hopes,
picturing dreams,
of life at other end,
where obstacles could be erased,
roses would bear no thorns,
the sky would never be alone,
pain would be gone,
and people feared of none.

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I wish...

Composed by: Azm

I'm stuck among,
the high bricked walls,
the giant mountains,
the monstrous trees,
and flying birds.

The only thing I do is wish.
Wish, I were those birds,
enjoying freedom,
kissing the pretty sky,
feeling the sun,
looking down on eagles,
and the most having fun.

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crude Paradise

Composed by: Azm

As the light shines,
on the frosty peaks,
the crystals dazzle,
hang on golden trees;
the fairies fly,
singing love songs,
spread pretty smiles,
the rest wear along.

Surrounded by angels,
a cupid hit my heart,
and I lay unconscious,
back on iron earth.

Dreamt of paradise,
but reality struck,
landed among evils,
may just be luck.

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Friday, May 4, 2012

Foregone with the winds

Composed by:- Azm

The golden light shone on me,
while the rest went rainbow.
And, I went on a flashback drive,
for an elapsed show;
gathered memories I'd forgone,
coming gradually in a row.
Things'd changed, people'd changed 'n so had I;
They'd been changing all along, unaware was I;
How far I'd come along,
how things were different now;
how the sun ignored,
how I'd gone with the flow.
I'd run away from the sun,
when I were to follow;
That's when I stopped being me,
and melted down in sorrow.
For now, as the light shone,
I quit the rest and go for the glow;
where things'd get back as they were,
and colors would grow…

(PS I have nthn to say abt this...they're just some random I dont expect any good feed backs on this =P )
Copyright © 2012 Azm

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Composed by: Azm

I wish the world was quiet,
so I could listen to my heart,
speak my words,
live my dream.

But, often find myself,
walking among the crowd,
trying to blend,
forgetting myself,
getting along,
like the ripples of the waves,
sacrificing desires,
giving up on dreams.

In-spite of such,
I get stuck,
in the middle of nowhere,
its either good or bad,
and a hairline boundary,
one wrong move,
and the GAME is OVER!

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Switching rides

Composed by: Azm

The dancing peacocks,
for applauding hands,
changed to iron robots,
as if were planned;
Along I flowed,
with a dancing swag,
cried with the crowd,
just a white flag.

And the leaves flew,
when the branches waved,
the tides jiggled too,
with the music made;
the birds joined,
they flew and sang,
the spring flowers bloomed,
just moved with the gang;
pebbles bounced with joy,
the fishes could fly,
the wilderness sighed,
when the world was high!!

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Death vs. Life

Composed by: Azm

"I'm a bitter truth,
You a sugar coated lie.
I'm the one all loath,
they hate good bye";
yet again,
defeated by death,
with pain,
lost breath,
That's life!

The eclipse on the sense of god,
and that on humankind;
with a second's rush in veins,
disappearance from mind.
Still they keep seeking,
through deepest roots of struggles;
restricting among living and dying,
and the obsolete mortals.
Bounded by the illusions,
running for more,
where reality threatens,
yet happiness they seek for.

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Phase 1

Composed by: Azm

They lay the veil down,
block the world's view;
Left with only sounds,
giving a different clue.

And the lens that's set above,
on the ceiling up so high,
watching out every move,
not a minute to sigh.

We're the captives of the demons,
ordering from the wooden stage,
roaring upon us like zoo lions,
pouring down their rage.

Yet we stay silent,
paralyzed like a prey,
tired of the hypocrites,
wondering what may.

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Where do I stand??

Composed by: Azm

The sound of silence,
the worthy while,
none that make sense,
strengthening yet fragile.
And through the blue lens,
beyond few miles,
along hundred untold stories,
bringing smiles;
with sadness and glories,
kept in mind.

The vibes of nature,
the whispering wind,
the frozen peaks,
the winged beasts ,
swimming along;
taking a different mode.

The ups and downs,
the highs and lows,
the blooming jasmine,
the withered rose.
See the difference,
feel the pain,
behind the cold fossils,
secrets remain,
carrying cruel smiles,
calling fake names;
It's for me they cry out,
I'm all there to blame!!

Copyright © 2011 Azm

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Narcotic Awesomeness

Composed by: Azm

Oh! Almighty those days I now reveal,
lighting the green; wound it healed;
I booked my flight to another place,
heaven before me that I faced;
I needled my nerves, powdered my nose,
did all those wacky stuffs I once adored;
The pleasure that arose; about no one I thought,
enjoyed the wrong way; with all I fought.

…And now I live the life of dead,
no one cares; the tears I shed;
I wish I’d followed all along,
doping wasn't only bad but wrong;
Now the innocent faces lay before,
treat me like a narcotic whore;
Today it’s hard to pay my debts,
I beg for love that no one lets.


Just message to all the kids,
don’t do drugs; you get torn to bits;
Stay clean, stay far from it,
spread peace & preach where the heaven meets.]]

((P.S. I've never done drugs but got the idea of writing about the experience from a friend who's recently been sent to a rehab for his addiction...))

Copyright © 2011 Azm

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