Sunday, August 9, 2009

The fairy from the country of dawn

Composed by: Azm

Somewhere in the country of dawn
Where she hides herself in that pretty gown
The mask she wears distinguishes her from all
Pure as the stream that falls
Spreads smile that she endures
Her prized possession she calls
She seems to be lost in the world of her own
Enlightens the world as the sun that has shone
She lives in her dream and has story of her own
We call her the princess of the country of dawn

The fairy we’ve named for her good deeds
She’s got it all, there’s nothing she needs
In the name of a fairy a history she creates
A bold young lady; beautiful world she makes
Her words too seem clean and pure
To heal the world; the reason she’s here

Her calm words and smile that brings delight
We’re pretty sure she’ll help end all that fight
The lady with the light we call
She’ll solve the trouble forever and for all
She builds a bridge to the city of hope
Unites us all as if bounded by a rope
She showed us the way back to the light
This had always been out of sight
She’s helped us build a better home
Now we pray for the peace lost way back to return
She reminded us we had to be left on our own
So she could go back to her country of dawn!

Copyright ©2009 Azm

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