Wednesday, July 1, 2009


They say its a bad game
They do it for fame
bankrupt the nation yet get the name
Proud to do this they have no shame
Promises are meant to be broken, its an easy say
Later its the ugly game that they play
Who remembers the promise once they get the post
they only know how to threaten n become a bossy host
It isn't a dirty game as people say
Its they players playing a bad play
We must assure ouselves one day we will
be united and let peace and prosperity prevail
Its the only thing I can, just sit to write for our right
I'd rather choose a pen than a weapon to fight
So fellow men, its high time you through your weapons and stop this fight
I guess you people are matured enough to know that this isn't right
Its peace, freedom and development our only want
now its all upto God, for us to grant!!!

Composed by: Azm

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