Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Who am I?

I am just a mother
with a child looking onto me for every little thing
I am just a wife
expected to look after every nooks and nacks put before
I am just a daughter
expected to take care of my parents
I'm just an in-law
expected to take care of in-laws and the household
I am just a worker
expected to please my boss
I am just a friend
expected to be in touch with all of them
I am just a niece
expected to be available anytime they want
I am just an aunt
expected to help anytime along

Who am I to MYSELF?????

I am lost in being just-someone to someone
rather than being "ME" to myself

Copyright © 2017 Azm

Friday, March 10, 2017


Having past ten decades,
spreading pleasant smiles,
sweeping away sadness,
she leans on the aisle.

Lost in her deep thoughts,
remembering the falls and rise,
she stays quiet and aloof,
hiding her cries.

With eyes full of stories,
her unanswered whys,
she hides in her hunched back,
her hard work and sacrifice.

And soul as hard as rock,
biding hundred goodbyes,
she's a polished diamond,
and a hero in my eyes!!

Copyright © 2017 Azm