Friday, April 29, 2011

The voice of a dead rock

Composed by: Azm
I stayed
I made
And even fade
Drowned by the roaring tides

They screamed
I dreamed
And thus redeemed
Set all over and flew away

And ditched
The profound sound I missed
The calm waves trouble my ear

I cared
I dared
And alone I stared
Lonely in the middle there

I cried
I dried
And that’s how I died
Leaving a trace behind

Copyright ©2011 Azm

Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Alive

Composed by: Azm

I get drowned in the sky above,
And even fly in the ocean of love.
I’ve slept years of cold fears;
Like the thorn a flower bears;
Spoke words of breeze; not a word I heard;
Walked millions of miles to dreams and hitherward;
Seen the unseen from the rocky eyes;
Ran the unwalked road, lows and highs;
I’ve lived a life with an astounding label;
I’m like any other, just differently able!!

Copyright ©2011 Azm

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