Saturday, May 26, 2012


Composed by: Azm

The empty town,
its just me,
accompanied by silence.
And drop by drop,
she pours down on me,
shower my thoughts,
awaken my soul.

And the colors speak,
the words of love,
the rainbow smiles,
smiles down on me,
showing the beauty,
of horizon that never ends,
creating hopes,
picturing dreams,
of life at other end,
where obstacles could be erased,
roses would bear no thorns,
the sky would never be alone,
pain would be gone,
and people feared of none.

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I wish...

Composed by: Azm

I'm stuck among,
the high bricked walls,
the giant mountains,
the monstrous trees,
and flying birds.

The only thing I do is wish.
Wish, I were those birds,
enjoying freedom,
kissing the pretty sky,
feeling the sun,
looking down on eagles,
and the most having fun.

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crude Paradise

Composed by: Azm

As the light shines,
on the frosty peaks,
the crystals dazzle,
hang on golden trees;
the fairies fly,
singing love songs,
spread pretty smiles,
the rest wear along.

Surrounded by angels,
a cupid hit my heart,
and I lay unconscious,
back on iron earth.

Dreamt of paradise,
but reality struck,
landed among evils,
may just be luck.

Copyright © 2012 Azm

Friday, May 4, 2012

Foregone with the winds

Composed by:- Azm

The golden light shone on me,
while the rest went rainbow.
And, I went on a flashback drive,
for an elapsed show;
gathered memories I'd forgone,
coming gradually in a row.
Things'd changed, people'd changed 'n so had I;
They'd been changing all along, unaware was I;
How far I'd come along,
how things were different now;
how the sun ignored,
how I'd gone with the flow.
I'd run away from the sun,
when I were to follow;
That's when I stopped being me,
and melted down in sorrow.
For now, as the light shone,
I quit the rest and go for the glow;
where things'd get back as they were,
and colors would grow…

(PS I have nthn to say abt this...they're just some random I dont expect any good feed backs on this =P )
Copyright © 2012 Azm

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