Friday, May 4, 2012

Foregone with the winds

Composed by:- Azm

The golden light shone on me,
while the rest went rainbow.
And, I went on a flashback drive,
for an elapsed show;
gathered memories I'd forgone,
coming gradually in a row.
Things'd changed, people'd changed 'n so had I;
They'd been changing all along, unaware was I;
How far I'd come along,
how things were different now;
how the sun ignored,
how I'd gone with the flow.
I'd run away from the sun,
when I were to follow;
That's when I stopped being me,
and melted down in sorrow.
For now, as the light shone,
I quit the rest and go for the glow;
where things'd get back as they were,
and colors would grow…

(PS I have nthn to say abt this...they're just some random I dont expect any good feed backs on this =P )
Copyright © 2012 Azm

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