Thursday, July 2, 2009

A small effort could make a BIG difference

Usually most of us complain about the country being polluted and the government not taking any action. But have we ever gone through the reason behind it. We should not just look for the government to do everything for us. All of us are aware that pollution is extremely harmful for all of us living creatures but never bother to take the initiatives. We should find the remedy ourselves than waiting for the government to do everything for us. Blaming others for every bad thing going around and folding arms waiting for them to fix it isn’t a good thing to do. We ourselves are responsible for what is going around us.
These days varieties of packet foods are available in the market. Nearly all of us consume those tit-bits, but rarely throw the wrapper in the bin. People should understand it’s a wrong thing to do, by throwing those plastic packets they’re welcoming pollution, but they hardly seem to bother about that. Then later it’s the government they blame for not cleaning the city. It’s not at all good for the country as well as the country men. People even tend to spit while walking, which is the most common problem in our country. But those people seldom bother to think that the cough could be harmful to everyone else moving about.
This trend not only goes with illiterate and uneducated people but some scholars as well. The ones who teach us pollution is harmful, they themselves don’t bother to take care of the environment. These days the school books include health, pollution and their effects, but it is strange that the people who learn those themselves don’t follow. It’s been said that the coming generation would do much better but the situation instead of improving seems to degrade. The parents themselves don’t bother to keep the environment so how could their child learn. The courses regarding pollution and the measures to improve it only remain in book here in our country, and it’s we who dream of our nation being developed. We talk a lot about our rights and freedom but do we ever care about our responsibility towards the nation. Just saying our country is degrading and folding hands won’t improve the situation. At least one must learn not to curse the government if one could do no good for the nation. We should keep in mind that if we want the place to be clean we shouldn’t make it dirty. One initiative could make a big difference, if you control one of your friends or family to stop littering dirt around, then the other could be influenced. This could lead to prevent the future pollution. We know that the city is already polluted to instead of making things worse we could take steps to prevent further pollution.
The interest of keeping the surrounding clean must come from within. If you yourself are throwing the dirt around then it’d be better if you’d just shut your mouth and don’t dare to complain that the government is idle. If you yourself aren’t responsible enough to care for your motherland then how could the government, even it consists citizens like you. If you still complain about them all the time, you’d better join the government and try to handle the situation yourself, let’s see if you could lead the nation and make it clean, green and healthy as before. The only message that I’d like to give is that work for the nation first then you could rich high, not only you but others could get an opportunity to rise. Your small effort by not dirtying the surrounding could make a big difference; if everyone follows the trend pollution can surely be brought to an end. Most of us knowingly pollute the surrounding, but don’t realize that our small effort of not littering stuffs around could make a BIG difference and the country could attain its previous cleanliness and greenery.

written by: Azm

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