Saturday, February 27, 2010

Life is an Ocean

©2010 Azm
Composed by: Azm

I dreamt; it came into reality

How I wish this’d last for eternity

I ain’t the one I was before

I left the wickedness ashore

Feared I’d drown yet I swam

Crossed the ocean and here I am

The journey so fine nothing to fuss

Or mutter a single word harming us

The demons of the ocean still haunt me today

Bravely fought with the bad and got away


  1. Nice one write up... Life is an Ocean... And in life there are many ups and downs... as you've said yesterday: "People Change, Things Go Wrong, But Life Still Goes On"!

    Anyway, be good do good, think good Buddy... Best of Luck :)

  2. thank you very very much!! It feels great to know that someone appreciates my writings!! =D


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