Saturday, January 30, 2010

Out of words...

Composed by: Azm


Trying to gather the words

they seem to be falling apart

hoping it wont get worse

I get back to the start

yet to inspire me they tell

though my stupid writings dont go well

I write some lines and then erase

get lost in my word maze

again i sit and think think think

some words to srtike my mind that'd link

the same words repeat

the paper is ready to greet

I sit dumbfounded in front of the sheet

aware of nothing but the heartbeat

the door opens; distracts me

he comes over not a word can he see

confused; he stares at what I write

the blank page before me empty and white

holds my chin with a smile in his face

"i know you can do it, you'll win the race"

and then he leaves; shuts the door

whatever I write he'll always adore

he praises though I write real bad

I feel glad he's beside; I love my dad!

©2010 Azm


  1. Very nice peom Ashma. I am really glad and impressed with your writing. I think you can write high level poems and articles. Keep good work up



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