Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walking down the techy lanes!

©2010 Azm

I love walking during the evenings when the lights are on and the busy streets are busier than ever with the noisiest environment and traffic jams. I’d have been bored to death if I were in one of those stuck vehicles. But I feel so free walking along the same road looking at the people who look angry and frustrated, thanking I’m not one of them. Then, with my earplugs on playing the most awesome songs in my iPod I move on my way. As I walk pass other pedestrians I realize that they’re moving the wrong way. However, later, I start humming some songs and forget it. But I found that a fact not to be neglected and wanted to blog.

Well once I’d been taught during one of our “Traffic weeks” that we should be walking on the right side of the road. But we were taught to walk from the left hand side of the road during our school. Since then I realized that our course books were wrong. Well, not exactly wrong, but wrong in the case of our traffic rules, because we follow the British textbooks and in United Kingdom they have right hand driving system which is totally opposite of ours. So this led to confusion in everyone. I try to explain it to all my friends and family but only few seem to understand what I mean. It could save one from an accident. As we, here in “Nepal” follow left hand driving so it’s obvious that we should be walking from the opposite side that is from our right hand side. Our lanes being small, people need to obey these rules in order to avoid accidents to some extent. At least you tend to see what is coming before you and you can prevent yourself being hit by those speedy rowdy vehicles.

That is what I learnt and I try letting everyone around me know that fact. Hope people take it into consideration. Because I now that I am right, this small fact should be considered. You can see those roughly driven public transports along the road they seem to be aiming to run into other vehicles and killing people, carrying more than enough passengers. I felt it should not be neglected cause I hardly see anyone obeying traffic rules (mostly the pedestrians), they don’t use zebra crossing, neither do they use the overhead bridges, nor walk from the right side of the road. Moreover, this could lead to accidents if there are no footpaths along the road (though exceptions are there like the”Ratnapark kanda”). What I meant is that to lessen accidents to some extent the pedestrians should obey the rules too but not only blame the vehicles riders/drivers.

Written by: Azm


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  6. Thankyou so much! I'm honoured...=D


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