Friday, April 29, 2011

The voice of a dead rock

Composed by: Azm
I stayed
I made
And even fade
Drowned by the roaring tides

They screamed
I dreamed
And thus redeemed
Set all over and flew away

And ditched
The profound sound I missed
The calm waves trouble my ear

I cared
I dared
And alone I stared
Lonely in the middle there

I cried
I dried
And that’s how I died
Leaving a trace behind

Copyright ©2011 Azm


  1. I have seen a few of your writings, I like them ... you very well carve your thoughts into words ... wonderful way of expression you have there. Below are my two cents :)

    Resurrection - ( A dream yet unattained )

    paused somewhere in between, those pull and push,
    hidden amidst the clouds, covered by those bush,
    was I to be found, after the feelings get profound,
    layers of stories in me, those murmurs surround,

    seasons changed colors, at times all dry … at times all green,
    i stayed the same, always strong and rigid … yet clean,
    its a lot that I have seen, a lot through I have been,
    the experiences yet to be shared, and displayed onscreen,

    resurrection I say it is, a phase I was to be in anyway,
    nothing lasts forever, even the strongest of pillars sway,
    i may turn dust tomorrow, and get lifted by a breeze,
    the very dust might bond again, I wish, I wish them a please!

  2. Bravo Azm!!!

    Annonymous, you should start blogging too. I'd love to follow.

  3. I cried
    I dried
    And that’s how I died!!

  4. One of the nice Poem.
    U rock Ashma :)

  5. u r really good with words;) stumbled upon ur blog today and liking what it has to offer...

  6. Lets have some poems about your nail polish, your coffee mug and your cooking practice too.

  7. REST: Thankyou so much...though it's come out fine I really appreciate your support...=)

  8. ..and the rock
    with the traces
    that humanity
    thank till eternity..


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