Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Narcotic Awesomeness

Composed by: Azm

Oh! Almighty those days I now reveal,
lighting the green; wound it healed;
I booked my flight to another place,
heaven before me that I faced;
I needled my nerves, powdered my nose,
did all those wacky stuffs I once adored;
The pleasure that arose; about no one I thought,
enjoyed the wrong way; with all I fought.

…And now I live the life of dead,
no one cares; the tears I shed;
I wish I’d followed all along,
doping wasn't only bad but wrong;
Now the innocent faces lay before,
treat me like a narcotic whore;
Today it’s hard to pay my debts,
I beg for love that no one lets.


Just message to all the kids,
don’t do drugs; you get torn to bits;
Stay clean, stay far from it,
spread peace & preach where the heaven meets.]]

((P.S. I've never done drugs but got the idea of writing about the experience from a friend who's recently been sent to a rehab for his addiction...))

Copyright © 2011 Azm


  1. Good poem. Must be read by teenagers so that they keep themselves away from drug abuse.

  2. Isn't your poem childish? Stating frankly, i have to admit that I didn't find anything so thought provoking. Don't we know all these realities? You have focused on rhyming pattern but it would be better if you come up with more pensive literary items. Plz never mind. Hope to get reply..I don't how to write poetry but as a reader i have mentioned it.

    1. hmm..ur right...I've focused too much on rhyming...but this is how we learn right???..I'm just an amateur in a learning phase...thanx for the feedback...much apreciated.. =)


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