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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Broken Glasses

Composed by: Azm

The broken glasses still scare me,
they wake me up every night.
I panic, I sweat, I surrender,
somehow manage to on the light.

I lay aghast as it haunts,
yet no hustle tussle.
Even the dead cricket taunts,
and more I fear.

The terrifying nights never get over,
unless I throw them all;
those bits and pieces I'd gathered
over these years, all along.

It makes me wonder,
why didn’t I get rid of these,
that cloud my sunny days,
and make my nights freeze.

Then it strikes my mind,
I did want to throw these,
I tried leaving things behind,
but they followed me with the breeze.

Copyright © 2011 Azm

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