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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Reasons why I Love Summer (ie hate winter)

1. I was BORN then =D (I love my birthday more than any other days)
2. You get to wear all those wonderful summery clothes
3. ICE-CREAM!! (They're the best part about summer)
4. I don't catch cold....{{ (-_-) haachhiiiiii ...look at me now)
5. I don't suffer from sooo much pain.
6. I dont have to put on hundreds of clothes.
7. ahh!! and the awesome nights!
8. You dont hesitate to wake up
9. You get to look hawwwttt ;)


  1. Oh! but I love winter than summer.

  2. I also love summer for two reasons. First, same as no. 4 above, I am exploitable by rhinovirii and second, my name sounds Summer :)


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