Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The black and white world

       Composed by: Azm

A pinch in the heart, a big lie;
an evil smile, hypnotic lullaby;
and there besides the innocent eye,
with a demon alive inside.

The day that shone, night that’d mourn;
the awful dusk, delightful dawn;
it’s the white the lords and black the frauds;
just as the dark demon and the handsome god.

And on the face the mask they wear;
hide the black cause dark they fear;
then the feelings within they’d hold,
I call this the black and white world!!

Copyright ©2010 Azm


  1. awesomely put ! the ying and the yang .. kudos !

  2. WOW ! I must say...
    I too call this the black and white world!!
    Bcoz u've proved frm ur writing...

  3. awesome poem Azm keep it up..

    yes it is a black and white world, good and evil.What i think is that normally we avoid evil and try to go for good, what happens is that this evil side of our personality keeps on growing unguarded in the unconscious and when the right moment comes then it surfaces in the conscious mind with its full force and we are completely taken aback by it. So, the key is not to suppress, fight or ignore the evil but to face it and transform this evil energy into its purest form. Someone who has learn the art of transforming evil into good is a truly blessed person. Witnessing is a transforming force and it transforms the energy into its purest form.

  4. Thank guys! =D
    I'm glad you read my blog...thank you so much! =)


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