Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wake up WORLD!!

Composed by: Azm

Who is taller they ask one another
Competing to reach the sky; rest doesn't matter
The greenery destroyed; out of sight
Glass, bricks and stones; their unlimited height
no forest not a single tree
Development they say; I don't agree
No fresh air to breathe
Selfish people; their selfish greed
Poor innocent creatures chased away
Not even left with their home to stay
How ugly would be to think so
Wealthy ones high and the rest low
They should get back to where they belong
Realize that they're harming others; doing the wrong
The dark areas need more emphasis
Not to focus on what already exists
We want our healthy lives back
Greenery around shouldn't lack
Dreaming for better lives and better future
No ugly structure but be embraced by the nature

Copyright ©2010 Azm


  1. You update ur blog once in a month... :P ...but whenever u update, u will come with a bang... This one is impressive too.... Wake up World :D

  2. What an incredible way of looking at things ! Kudos !

  3. @Aakar testai ho..haha..tyo achaanak lekhne mood aucha seriously with a bang nai...lol..ani lekhepachi lekheko lekhai ani gayab huncha..later i myself get shocked k "maile nai lekheko ta ho" bhanera..

    @RRijal thank you so much! =)


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