Sunday, April 4, 2010

The dusk

©2010 Azm
Composed by: Azm

Embraced with the farewell shine,
About to fade away;
Yet with a noticeable sign,
Reminiscing the fine day;
The gentle breeze called the silent tree
Alert were all; reluctant for the beauty to leave
How long had the wait been just for her beauty
Now she’s leaving; people afraid of the sooty
The time had to come for this depart
Leaving fearful, restless human heart
No chitter-chatter was sung by the bird
Only the howling wind to be heard
People hid themselves unable to see the awful scene
How she was being swallowed by the monster green
Nothing could be done, power not enough
To destroy the beast was impossible not just tough
The darkened night gestured a star to be born
All excited to see her again in the early morn!!!


  1. nice piece of writing...and after every dark night, there is another fresh morning... :)

  2. yup yup!! and thankyou very much! =)


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