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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beauty in beholder's eye

Leaning by the window,
I forget the pain though its still there
Everything around me seem so green and clear,
the downpour swept away all that dirt
making everyything so lovely and lively deep in my heart.
I take a sheet of paper and and sit down to write
The paper too seems so clean and white
The cheerful faces of the ppl with all that smile
makes me feel happy n e'thing around so devine.
I look above, its the clear blue sky
They say its beauty in beholder's eye

Composed by: Azm


  1. Hey Ashu,
    This is Bu. Nice Work. I really enjoyed all of your poems, keep on writing more and you should write short stories as well

    Keep in Touch

  2. THNX BU, i'm planing to write more, thinking of publishing a book...lets see, k huncha...:)


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