Sunday, January 3, 2010

My thoughts...My words...

Well, a year has gone by bringing more irresistible changes. I can feel the difference around. People seem to be blindly imitating others. Their own customs and traditions bore them. Come on! That isn't what we should be doing. I don’t understand why people don’t get how precious our culture is. They are our identity, our pride.

As I look before me I find our ancestral customs fading day by day. We ourselves don’t seem to be interested in either our culture or the festivals we celebrate. Last week on Christmas I got some texts from my friends and relatives wishing me a merry Christmas. At first I was glad to receive those text messages but, later realized that they hadn’t wished me a happy Dashain or happy Dipawali, those festivals that are supposed to be the major festivals for us “Hindus”. Moreover, all of my friends are Hindus, and as far as I know, no one celebrates Christmas. Honestly, I didn’t like that so I didn’t reply to any of their messages. I’m not a racist and I'm not trying to tell my fellowmen to follow only Hinduism. I do respect all religions, all cultures and their traditions. But what I’m trying to explain is that, if people do believe in all religions why don’t they wish a happy “Id” or a happy “Dashain” or a happy “Dipawali” or a happy “Lhosar” or any other major festivals celebrated worldwide. Why only “CHIRSTMAS”?? Is it so important to all of us that we forget our own? Why all of us are being attracted to the western culture? Well...It is good to respect other cultures, we should even get together and celebrate other festivals but it’s not that we have to give up what we inherited.

If this trend goes on, then in no time we'll be the nobodies who've lost identities of their own. I never meant celebrating Christmas is bad. It’s good, actually it’s great. However, I mean is, love your culture, follow your traditions, and respect other festivals that you don’t celebrate as well. Don’t just neglect Id because you’re not an Islam, don’t neglect Christmas if you’re not a Christian, and other religious festivals as well. If you respect Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwor, do respect Christ, Allah, Buddha and other gods as well. It’s not that one is supposed to go for only their religion; we have the rights to celebrate each and every festival but following some culture blindly forgetting our own isn’t good. Be proud of what you are! =)

Written by: Azm
©2009 Azm


  1. Yeah, I like your thoughts. We are being westernization,and certainly its our duty to stop these type of activities. But we have to respect them all.

    Interestingly, our view is quite similar, and most of the time I keep on thinking in this subject matter.

    Anyway, its good to read your view on such our westernizing culture. It should be stopped, and hope we can do it. We should follow western too but first of all we have to keep our original eastern culture alive.

    Yeah we can celebrate Xmas as well, but we should not forget our Dashain and Tihar. We have to keep our culture alive.

    ...liked ur thoughts very much... keep writing...

  2. thats a thinking-girl.... u are correct, most of our traditions are fading away.


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